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It is crucial to get a hepatitis C exam if there is reason to believe you may have this condition. Hepatitis C is inflammation of your liver caused by a virus that can come from several sources, predominantly through infected body fluids. Transmission means vary, including shared needles and sexual contact. Poor sanitation and hygiene further increase your risk of this serious illness.

I, A. Shamsuddoha MD (Dr Sham), specialize in treating and diagnosing hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is difficult to spread to others, especially to the average Pontiac, MI resident, and has a low risk of being transmitted from parent to child as a genetic disease. Symptoms are very similar to the flu, making it quite difficult to spot. This is because hepatitis C symptoms almost completely match flu symptoms, such as the following:

• Fatigue
• Sore Muscles
• Joint Pain
• Fever
• Nausea
• Poor Appetite
• Stomach Pain

Most people do not show signs of having hepatitis C at all, and many find out by accident when they get a hepatitis C exam done. There is no vaccine for hepatitis C at present, but it can be cured with proper treatment. As a hepatitis C expert, you can count on me to help clear the virus from your system and get your life back on track.

If you think you may have hepatitis C or any other serious gastrointestinal illness, I urge you to please seek treatment, get a hepatitis C exam, and avoid unnecessary suffering.

Get in touch with my office and learn more about your risk for hepatitis C, as well as treatment options.

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